Launched in 2013, Medjool Star is the agricultural subsidiary of Saham Group specializing in the production and packaging of Mejhoul dates. Born from the will to put Morocco back at the heart of the industry of this exceptional product, Medjool Star currently operates the largest date palm farm located in Errachidia province, the birthplace of the Mejhoul date.


Integrated producer of Moroccan Mejhoul dates

Moroccan producer

627 hectares of date palms cultivated in the cradle of the Mejhoul date in the region of Errachidia – original birthplace of the variety

Authentic and high-quality dates

Our dates are all hand-picked following ancestral techniques in order to guarantee a perfectly ripe date

Optimal environment

Our date palms regain their original environment including optimal climatic conditions

Integrated player

We produce, package et ship our dates ourselves to ensure the highest quality from farm to fork

Responsible player

As part of our concern for our environment, our farm is equipped with photovoltaic installations and a responsible drip irrigation system

Technology-driven industry

We are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities allowing the traceability of each of our dates back to its palm of origin

Medjool Star offers you a unique experience:

To savor the tastiest dates, the queen of dates, wherever you are.


hectares of farm

55 000

date palms

7 500

tons of production

Medjool Star operates a 627-hectare farm located in the region of Errachidia, the original birthplace of the Mejhoul variety, where55 000 date palms are planted. All our palms come from certified vitro plants, able to produce 7500 tons of Mejhoul dates for the local market, as well as for export.

Medjool Star has integrated the entire production value chain to become an international benchmark in the cultivation, packaging, and export of Mejhoul dates. Thereby, we manage all operations from the date harvest all the way to your plate, wherever you are in the world.

Our date packaging and enhancement unit is built within our farm on an area of 5 hectares, with a throughput of 6,000 tons of dates.

In order to guarantee the best possible quality, our dates are hand-picked and meticulously packaged at maximum ripeness on our premises Medjool Star offers you a unique experience: taste the most succulent of dates, the queen of dates, wherever you are.


Our Mejhoul dates are real jewels of the Moroccan soil. They are all grown on our own farms in the birthplace of the Mejhoul date in Errachidia and are handpicked at the end of the summer season.

At Medjool Star, we offer you our two own brands, in addition to a white labeling solution:

Medjool Star

Our Medjool Star brand is characterized by refined packaging, differentiated from the traditional codes of Middle Eastern products.
A premium aesthetic highlighting the Moroccan character of our dates with the shape of “Zellija”, ubiquitous to the traditional Moroccan architecture.

Oum Tomoor

Our Oum Tomoor brand adopts a traditional appearance in line with Middle Eastern aesthetic codes.
A sober packaging with a cutout reminiscent of classical Arabic architecture “Moucharabieh”.


Medjool Star is heavily invested in bringing Morocco back to the forefront of the Mejhoul date industry and perpetuating a centuries-old tradition born in the Kingdom.

Our ambition is to be the leading integrated Moroccan player in Mejhoul dates, from farming to export.

To achieve this, our activities are carried out in an environmentally friendly manner and by applying best practices according to international standards and norms.

A cet égard, le In that regard, the Khalifa International Award for Date Palm and Agricultural Innovation in the United Arab Emirates has rewarded Medjool Star in 2019 for its pioneering and sophisticated innovations serving the agricultural sector and Mejhoul date cultivation.


Medjool Star,

you are


A unique know-how

Our expertise is unique because it combines tradition and modernity. This knowledge is the result of our heritage is the cultivation of Mejhoul dates, honed with the skills of international experts.


We produce premium Mejhoul dates because we take optimal care of our palm trees. We have mastered all key stages of production, harvesting and packaging to never distort the product that we hand pick from the trees.


From farm to fork, our traceability system is a pledge of quality, ethics, and transparency to our customers.


With state-of-the-art equipment, whether at our farm or packaging unit, we can produce custom dates that meet all our customers’ requirements in terms of quality and size.


Social and environmental impact being a priority for Medjool Star, we have placed this issue at the center of our operations and have therefore optimized the design of our facilities to minimize negative outcomes. Also, we pride ourselves on being one of the largest employers in the region, with a significant proportion of women in our workforce, in order to contribute to the economic development of the Errachidia region.


Tafilalet is a vast region located in the south-east of Morocco, serving as a gateway to the desert, and famous in the Arab world for its role as a caravan crossroads. This is where the Mejhoul was born, in the ancestral cradle of the Errachidia region.

South of the High Atlas Mountain range, the palm groves of Tafilalet are the most important in the Maghreb region. They are mainly organized around two wadis descending from the High Atlas: The Ziz and the Rheriss whose courses come together and provide water supply to this region.

Mejhoul dates are the oldest fruits cultivated in the region and ancient cultures considered date palms to be “trees of life” given that a multitude of products are derived from them.

In the 19th century, following a devastating epidemic (Fusarium wilt or Bayoud disease) several million palm trees were infected and the Mejhoul variety was endangered in Morocco.

Mejhoul was then introduced to the United States in 1927 by an American grower who has crisscrossed Morocco in search of the best plant to import into California. Thus, eleven ramifications of dates were imported from the Boudnib area in Errachidia province, to California to ensure the preservation of the Mejhoul variety.

Today, all Mejhoul dates from the main producing countries can be traced back to a single oasis in Morocco.

The rehabilitation of the date palm culture heritage, undertaken as part of the Green Morocco Plan in 2008, aims to restructure the palm grove and improve date production in order to reinstate Morocco as a key player in the Mejhoul date.

For these reasons, Medjool Star has made it its mission to be the flagship of the Moroccan Mejhoul date on an international scale by repositioning its origin at the forefront of international markets.


Our Medjool Star dates are fresh and ready to eat! A few bites provide you with all the daily energy you need!

They are perfect for a healthy snack, ideal before or after exercise and can be cooked/prepared in many ways. They are a wonderful health ally and are part of a healthy routine, full of energy for both young and old.

Did you know?

The nutritional qualities of Mejhoul dates are unique compared to other dates or fruits. Mejhoul dates have 2x more fiber than an apple or a banana, and 1.5x more potassium than a banana! And they are available all year round!


Boosts your immunity


1.5x more potassium than a banana!


Helps with muscle recovery and prevents cramps after exercise


Improves your digestion


Our dates are rich in nutrients and contain 16 essential vitamins and minerals


Mejhoul dates contain no cholesterol or fat and have a low glycemic index