About Medjool Star

Who Are We?

Medjool Star is a subsidiary of the renowned Moroccan Saham Group (www.saham.com), leader in the service industry and a driving force behind the development of several strategic sectors of the Moroccan economy.
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Founded in 2013, Medjool Star strives to serve as the catalyst for innovation and modernization in the production of Moroccan Mejhoul dates, so as to enable this exceptional product of Moroccan origin to regain its position on the global stage.

This pioneering agricultural enterprise is now the largest integrated player in the Moroccan Mejhoul date industry. Situated in Errachidia, the company's 627-hectare farm and 5-hectare packaging unit are located in the birthplace of this noble variety.

Medjool Star is committed to the sustainable and responsible cultivation of exceptional Mejhoul dates as well as impeccable quality standards. We utilize cutting-edge technology and data-driven production techniques at both our farm and packaging unit, as evidenced by our receipt of the Khalifa International Award for Date Palm and Agricultural Innovation in recognition of our pioneering and innovative approach.

Medjool Star distributes our exceptional products globally, through a robust and expanding network of partners, bringing our products closer to customers all over the world.

627 Hectares
The largest Mejhoul date palm farm in Morocco
5 Hectares
BRC-certified, state-of-the-art packaging unit
Recipient of the prestigious Khalifa International Award for Date Palm
Extensive commercial network, both in Morocco and internationally

Our vision and values

Driven by the desire to restore the rightful reputation of the land where the Mejhoul date was born, Medjool Star's mission is to place Morocco back at the forefront of international date production. We take great pride in producing the highest quality Mejhoul dates and our commitment to excellence is reflected throughout our entire value chain.

Our actions are guided by four core values:

  • Quality

    Our aim is to offer the freshest, most delicious Mejhoul dates, by combining exceptional know-how with a perfect mastery of the entire Mejhoul date production value chain.

  • Innovation

    Incorporating the latest scientific advances and opportunities in smart agriculture, Medjool Star has innovation in its DNA. We are constantly striving to evolve and improve our agricultural and industrial practices.

  • Environment

    At Medjool Star, we leverage the latest technological innovations to develop precise and sustainable agriculture practices that reduce the use of inputs and natural resources, particularly water. As a result, we use very few pesticides and limit our reliance on natural resources to ensure that our farming is environmentally responsible.

  • Society

    At Medjool Star, we not only focus on our role as an economic player but also aim to have a positive impact on our employees, their families, and local communities.

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