The Medjool Star Farm

Technological Flagship of the Moroccan Mejhoul

Ferme Medjool Star

Medjool Star boasts the largest date palm farm in Morocco, with 627 hectares of Mejhoul date palms.

Approximately 55,000 palms cultivated from certified Mejhoul vitroplants are nurtured under optimal soil and climatic conditions and are capable of producing over 6,500 tons of Mejhoul dates once they reach full maturity.

Alongside traditional agricultural practices that have been handed down from generation to generation, the farm also integrates the latest agronomic knowledge and novel agricultural technologies to cultivate its Mejhoul date palms.

627 hectares
Largest Mejhoul date farm in Errachidia
55 000 trees
Mejhoul date palms planted
6 500 tons
Annual production at full maturity

Smart Agriculture Empowering the Moroccan Mejhoul

Medjool Star's mission is to promote the Moroccan Mejhoul date worldwide by repositioning Morocco as a leading producer in international markets.

As leaders in smart agriculture, we take pride in managing our agricultural operations exclusively through data collected throughout the production process. This data-driven approach ensures the production of high-quality Mejhoul dates while guaranteeing a reduced ecological and environmental impact and traceability all the way back to the palm tree.

1. Traceability: A Quality Product, Guaranteed

Medjool Star has implemented a revolutionary traceability system to ensure the highest quality Mejhoul dates in the world. QR codes have been installed on each of the date palm trees at the Medjool Star Farm, enabling the real-time tracking of all farming activities. This guarantees the utmost transparency and accountability, and ultimately results in the finest Mejhoul dates available.

Medjool Star is capable of providing an exceptionally precise overview of:
  • All operations and manipulations carried out on each palm tree: from pruning to pollination, through thinning and harvesting. Each intervention is tracked, recorded, and subsequently used to enhance our craft and optimize our activities.
  • All inputs provided to the trees: coupled with powerful automated input management technology, our drip irrigation system enables the Medjool Star Farm to monitor, in real-time and at the palm tree level, the volume and frequency of inputs, both in terms of fertilizers and water.
  • Annual yields: at Medjool Star, we carefully monitor the daily production of all 55,000 date palm trees during harvest, allowing us to create a comprehensive yield profile for the agricultural year. By analyzing this data, we gain valuable insights into the evolution of our production over time, and we can compare it to information on operations and inputs to identify areas for improvement. Our ultimate goal is to continually optimize our production processes and enhance the quality of our exceptional Mejhoul dates.

Furthermore, our traceability system incorporates a human element: upon arrival at the Medjool Star Farm, all workers undergo iris scanning for identification purposes. Throughout operations and manipulations within the farm, we diligently scan workers' badges, maintaining a continuous connection between activities and the responsible employee. This showcases our unwavering dedication to upholding standards of excellence, integrity, and openness.

2. Environmental Conservation at the Heart of Our Work

Our Mejhoul date harvest is the culmination of daily labor on our land, initiated in 2013 and driven by a long-term vision of value creation that contributes not only to the sustainable development of the Errachidia palm grove but also to the preservation of the environment.

We prioritize environmental consciousness and embrace our ecological responsibility by practicing sustainable agriculture within the Medjool Star Farm. Our commitment incorporates the precise and careful management of all natural resources that are provided to each and every one of our Mejhoul date palm trees.

Our resolve to ensure each tree’s optimal growth involves daily adjustments to our irrigation and fertilization programs, as informed by the latest data collection technologies. We leverage dedicated weather stations, satellite imagery, capacitive probes, and regular soil, water, and foliar analyses to make informed decisions about the amount and timing of inputs. Thanks to these practices, our drip irrigation system delivers the right amount of water and nutrients to our trees while also preserving the environment and responsibly managing our planet's water resources.

Smart Agriculture

Data-driven systems enable precise responses to the needs of our date palm trees, ensuring optimized, sustainable agriculture.


Thoughtful nutrient management: implementation of a smart agriculture system optimizes phytosanitary inputs at the plot level, and treatments are reduced through the use of organic fertilizers and biological pesticides.


Thoughtful water management: our drip irrigation system is capable of controlling the water supply at the level of each palm tree, most notably through the use of intelligent probes.

3. Social Impact: A Key Priority for Medjool Star

In addition to the environmental impact of our activity, society is one of the major pillars on which the Medjool Star approach is based. We thus pay particular attention to the human aspect of our work. Medjool Star is proud to be one of the largest employers in the birthplace of the Mejhoul date: our workforce comes mainly from the Errachidia region and includes a significant proportion of women.

Furthermore, Medjool Star operates a cash-free management system, with nearly 98% of our workers having access to banking services. Medjool Star thus contributes to the economic growth of Errachidia, the region that gave birth to the noble Mejhoul variety.

Photo gallery

Ferme Medjool Star

Packing Unit

Unité de conditionnement

Medjool Star's packaging unit is at the forefront of technology. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest, most advanced tools and machines, capable of processing, sorting, and packaging Mejhoul dates with unparalleled precision and efficiency. By leveraging our cutting-edge technology and steadfast dedication to excellence, we guarantee that our clients receive the most exceptional dates available. 

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