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Medjool Star: A Fully Integrated Mejhoul Value Chain

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Medjool Star has positioned itself as the leader in Mejhoul date processing, packaging, and cold storage on the African continent, with the construction of the largest factory of its kind.

Integrated into the farm, this impressive facility spans 50,000 square meters and is equipped with cutting-edge technology capable of processing 5,000 tons of Mejhoul dates and storing 2,000 tons at the ultra-low temperature of -25°C. Our packaging unit adheres to the most stringent international certifications in hygiene, safety, quality, and sustainable development, guaranteeing that the final product is of the highest possible standard.

The facility boasts an innovative and exceptionally rigorous quality control system, thus ensuring precise traceability of the dates, from the tree to final packaging. As a result, Medjool Star is among the world's most trustworthy Mejhoul date producers and exporters.

5 Hectares

Entirely dedicated to Mejhoul dates processing and packaging

5 000 tons

Processing capacity of the Medjool Star packaging unit

2 000 tons

Storage capacity of the cold rooms at -25°C

State-of-the-Art Facility Dedicated to the Mejhoul Date

Harvested dates are promptly transported to Medjool Star’s ultra-modern processing and packaging facility, where they are identified by barcode. Their journey through the various stages of processing is monitored by a Centralized Technical Management System (CTM) in real time, thus ensuring instantaneous traceability and maximized process efficiency.

Equipped with the most advanced technologies currently available, including treatment greenhouses, 360° optical sorting machines, and electronically-controlled refrigerated packaging and storage units, the facility operates with both precision and flexibility. This ensures high-quality products, precise responses to the specific needs of markets, and the optimized use of resources, including water and energy.

1. Cutting-Edge Date Processing Technologies

As soon as the dates are harvested, they are promptly transported to Medjool Star’s state-of-the-art greenhouses. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, including ultra-precise temperature control, these greenhouses provide the perfect environment for the initial treatment, drying, and rehydration of our Mejhoul dates, thus ensuring that the fruit is of the utmost quality with the optimal moisture content.

Furthermore, these operations are continuously monitored by a rigorous quality system to guarantee compliance with the highest international standards for food safety.

2. Exceptional Command of the Value Chain

Subsequently, our cutting-edge 360° optical sorting machines sort the Mejhoul dates with unparalleled precision, based on their quality (skin separation percentage) and weight (accurate to the gram). Each fruit is individually scanned, analyzed, and calibrated using sophisticated cameras, and the resulting data is meticulously recorded in our databases. Thanks to this advanced technology, we can direct the fruits to the appropriate lines based on their specific quality and weight combinations, fulfilling the most demanding single or multi-criteria requirements with ease.

Prior to package sealing, our Mejhoul dates undergo several quality control checks to ensure sorting accuracy and conformity with quality, weight, and volume criteria. These checks also include labeling, palletizing, and shipment loading. At every stage of the value chain, we maintain meticulous monitoring, resulting in products that embody the effort we expend in each and every one of our facilities.

3. Unmatched Packaging Flexibility

The packaging unit is highly adaptable to all packaging needs and offers fully customized solutions.

Medjool Star markets its dates under two proprietary brands, Medjool Star and Oum Tomoor, packaged in stylish 5 kg, 1 kg, and 500 g boxes. However, thanks to the extreme flexibility of our packaging technologies, we are able to provide a wide variety of tailored solutions. These include the packaging of varying sizes, white labeling, private labeling, and personalized packaging that can be developed in partnership with printers and design studios.

4. Fast and Secure Shipping

Medjool Star has a truly global reach, thanks to its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, the Arab world, the United States, and Canada. This global dimension is strengthened by our direct connection to the largest international trade hubs.

Committed to the timely and efficient delivery of our products, Medjool Star works with a variety of air and sea freight carriers to create customized logistics solutions tailored to specific needs. Stringent transport conditions, including temperature and humidity, are carefully monitored to guarantee that our Mejhoul dates arrive at their destination as fresh as the day they were harvested.

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